Road Salt Happens - Tips for Taking Care of Your Ride on the Winter Roads

Date: 2/5/2016

Road Salt - tips for taking care of your ride on the winter roads

You might have seen city trucks consistently spraying salt on the roads. With the number of snowstorms we’ve been getting this winter, it has been happening pretty frequently.

That salt is Magnesium Chloride. It comes from sea water and actually serves many uses in the medical and culinary industries. Right now it’s serving our area best as an anti-icer to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the roads. Magnesium Chloride is less corrosive to vehicles than sodium chloride. It is also better for the environment than using sand or dirt.

Once the snow stops and starts to melt, the pretty wintery scene seems to go away and just leave dirty piles of snow on the road. When this happens your vehicle usually gets slapped with dirty slush and water that often leaves brown colored streaks on your vehicle.

Magnesium Chloride is not easy to wipe off. Remember, it’s meant to stick to the roads to prevent ice from bonding to them, so it’s not supposed to be easily removable. It only makes sense that it would be difficult to simply wipe off. Use a car wash that offers Magnesium Chloride cleaning sprays to help remove the film from your vehicle. If that doesn’t seem to be an option, run your vehicle through a car wash every couple of weeks (or more!) to remove the grime from not only the vehicle’s exterior, but underneath the vehicle, too.

Although Magnesium Chloride is better than other salt alternatives on the road, it may still corrode the metal and chrome on your vehicle. Small spots of corrosion will develop first on your exterior chrome accent pieces, get bigger and eventually ruin your chrome pieces.

If corrosion does happen, it is not covered under warranty. Such corrosion is considered wear and tear and will have to come out of your own pocket to be repaired. 

Make sure not to let it get that far. Feel free to ask one of the Bullhide 4x4 team members for any additional tips.