Don’t Get Stuck Off Road. Recover With These 5 Tips.

Date: 3/2/2016

Dont' get stuck off road - 5 tips

No matter how much of an expert you think you are riding off road, there’s always a good chance you are going to get stuck or experience some type of mechanical problem. Here are a few tips to help get you get unstuck and moving again.

Let Go of Some Pressure: If you get stuck, try releasing some of the tire pressure. This will give your tires a bigger surface area for better traction. When you’re back on track, make sure to fill them up again. You can break a bead or wear them down by driving too fast on a deflated tire.

Keep a Strap in Tow: Make sure to keep a tow strap with loops on hand that is rated for at least twice the weight of your vehicle. Chains can break so straps are preferred.

Think Like MacGyver: Once you shovel or move away mud, sand or snow that might be blocking your tires, be resourceful. You can use floor mats, clothing or sleeping bags under tires as traction aids to help get you going.

Don’t Put Yourself in Harm’s Way: Recognize your physical abilities. Don’t try to hold or lift your vehicle.

Winch Your Way Out: A winch can help a vehicle free itself. Use a tree or large rock as an anchor.

Bullhide 4x4 is now starting to offer winching and wheeling classes to learn how to use your winch as well as be safe on the trail. Contact us or stop in for information on upcoming classes and to get signed up!