A Checklist to Winterize Your Vehicle

Date: 1/22/2016

With low, frigid temperatures happening right now the attention to vehicle maintenance needs to go up. Stay on top of this checklist and your vehicle should easily weather the winter.

1. Battery – Cold weather is tough on a vehicle’s battery. An engine requires more current from the battery to start in the winter, plus the chemical reactions required to get the battery going are slow in cold temperatures. You can have a mechanic run a battery load test to make sure it’s working properly. Also check and clean any corrosion on posts and connections. 

2. Wiper Blades and Fluid – If your wiper blades are over a year old, it’s definitely time to replace them. Look for wiper blades designed for winter weather. Also consider replacing blades if they look frayed or worn. Make sure to top off wiper fluid with a brand that has a lower freezing temperature. 

3. Tire Pressure – Cold weather causes air pressure in tires to drop. You get the best traction between the road and tires when they are properly inflated.

4. Four-Wheel Drive – Since most people don’t use their 4WD during the warmer months, it’s important to make sure the system is working. Be sure that the system engages and disengages easily. If you have younger drivers in the family, make sure they know how to activate it properly.

5. Paint Protection – Dirt, salt and ice can take a number on your vehicle’s paint finish. If you know snow is coming, consider giving your vehicle a fresh coat of wax to help protect the paint. If your vehicle has alloy wheels, apply a coat of wax to them, too, to prevent pitting and corrosion.

Do you have any other tips to keep your vehicle in top shape over winter months? Share them with us.