5 Truck Bed Cover Options

Date: 8/22/2016

Photo: Bak Industries Truck Bed Cover

Truck beds are absolutely handy for hauling gear, helping a friend move or bringing the family to the Holiday Twin Drive-In. The down side? When you need to secure what you have in the bed of your truck while traveling or simply going to the grocery store. You don’t want the contents of your bed flying out onto the road (or ending up in someone else’s hands…and the solution to this problem certainly isn’t ropes or straps. Truck bed covers to the rescue!

There are many different solutions and styles of truck bed covers which can perfectly fit your needs and are great to keep your bed clear of dirt and your items safe.

Here are five different truck bed cover options:

Roll Up Covers

Roll up covers are generally constructed out of a rib-like structure to support the cloth or vinyl tarp. They come in a soft or hard cover, depending on your preference. Originally they used a snap-based system to attach them to the bed, but with having to drill or apply a permanent adhesive to attach the snaps, it has become less common.

Retractable Covers

Retractable truck bed covers are mounted in the bed and retract from the tailgate towards the cab. Generally, they are made out of vinyl, plastic or aluminum. These are more secure than a roll up truck bed cover because they lock into position and are made out of a more dense material. However, they take more time to install and are expected to be semi permanent. 

Hard Covers

Hard truck bed covers can be some of the most secure and complimentary to your truck. Their solid construction of aluminum, fiberglass or hard plastic, make them stronger than roll up and retractable covers. To please the perfectionist, they can be painted to match your truck for a cohesive aesthetic. Gas struts are required to assist in the opening and closing the cover, but it’s worth the investment for a sturdy and secure cover. 

Utility Covers

Utility truck bed covers provide the ultimate security and strength. These steel-reinforced aluminum diamond-plated covers seal and lock your truck bed, and allow for extra hauling volume. You can’t beat double hauling capacity when adding a cover to your truck bed.

Toolbox Covers

Toolbox truck bed covers meet your needs when you can’t give up your toolbox but you need to cover the truck bed. Thankfully, you have several options here: a toolbox that snaps into the rails of your already installed cover, custom-fit roll up covers and custom retractable covers. If you want quick access to your toolbox, you’ll want to skip the style that snaps underneath your cover. You know the benefits of roll up and retractable covers but do your research to find the perfect cover.

Five great truck bed cover options for different situations. Once you have one installed, it’s time to hit the trails for some fun. Give Bullhide 4x4 a call for a quote on the truck bed cover you have on your wish list and we’d be happy to get it ordered and installed in no time!