5 Must-Have Items to Protect Your 4x4 Vehicle

Date: 7/18/2016

While off-roading is an absolute blast there’s no denying it can be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions. We’ve highlighted five items we feel are extremely important in protecting your vehicle (and yourself) when going on your next off-roading adventure.


Off-Road Tires

Having the correct tires for the type of driving you are planning on will make everything go more smoothly for you and your vehicle. Take time to find out what the trails are like and whether you need an all-terrain or a mud tire.


Hi-Lift Jack

A hi-lift jack is essential for recoveries, emergencies, and a handful of crazy ideas to get your 4x4 to new places. Make sure you can stabilize the jack when you need to use it.


Winch Bumper

A key piece to have for your 4x4 is a winch bumper. It provides protection for vital engine components, saves you from impacts with trees, rocks, the random chupacabra, not to mention it’s the best place to attach recovery or tow straps.


Skid Plates

The best way to keep the undercarriage of your 4x4 safe from damage is to install a set of skid plates.  The vital drive train components that hang down below the vehicle need to be covered to assure you can get out of any situation.  


Trail Tool Kit

Surviving the trail means preparing for situations that could potentially happen and you’ll be happy you did. This can range from gloves, scrap wood, a small shovel, first aid kit, food and water, a map, GPS, compass, a basic tool kit, tire repair kit and whatever else you think is essential for your trips. Check out our list of five emergency items to carry in your vehicle.


Keep yourself and your vehicle safe by checking out all of the great items and services Bullhide 4x4 provides.