5 Emergency Items to Carry in Your Vehicle

Date: 2/8/2016

Five emergency items to carry in your vehicle

No matter how reliable you feel your car is, it is always best to prepare for an emergency. You never know where you might end up. Consider keeping these items in your vehicle as part of an emergency kit to keep you safe during the winter months.

Rain Poncho: Doesn’t it always seem to rain when something goes wrong? Whether you need to change a tire or walk to the nearest gas station, if it’s raining or snowing, you’ll want some coverage. 

Flashlight: You’ll need light if you’re checking under the hood after dark. We recommend LED flashlights for longevity. You might also want to consider getting a headband flashlight. It makes reading a map much easier and gives you the freedom of both hands if you need to tackle a repair.

Bag(s) of Sand: This comes in handy for two reasons. One–the extra weight from the sand can help improve your vehicle’s traction. Secondly, if you do get stuck, use the sand to keep your tire from spinning on ice or other difficult spot. 

Flares or Emergency Triangles: These are great to help oncoming traffic see you, especially if visibility is bad due to snow or other precipitation. Flares last about 20 minutes, so three would be ideal to keep in your kit.

Map: Don’t always count on your phone’s GPS to get you where you’re going. There are many spots that won’t give you network coverage or connect you to an online map. Plus, a phone’s GPS can suck up the phone’s battery pretty quickly.

Other miscellaneous items include a multi-tool, jumper cables, rope and blankets. What do you always make sure to have when driving in the winter?