20 Off Road Tips You Should Know

Date: 8/10/2016

Whether it’s your first time out or you’re an avid 4x4 trail expert, these tips are good to remember for an amazing, safe time on any trip.

1 - Read Your Owners Manual - Read your manual before you go off-road. Learn your vehicle and stay safe while having fun. 

2 - Slow and Steady - be aware of long stretches of muddy roads or grounds. Take it slow across the mud so you don’t lose control.

3 - Know Your Minimum Ground Clearance - Know your axles height and their minimum clearance.

4 - Locking Differential - Knowing if your differential is locked or not can help you get unstuck while off-roading.

5 - 4WD High vs. 4WD Low – This refers to the gearing of your 4x4’s transfer case. 4WD high is used when driving around normally. Changing to 4WD low will increase your torque but has a very limited top speed. Knowing which speed you need for a specific off-roading trail will get you through to the end.

6 - Travel Together - Riding solo can be dangerous and you can get stuck without any help for miles around. Have fun with your friends and enjoy off-roading safely.

7 - Keep Your Distance – Don’t travel too close to your friends or other off-roaders. Having space when you go off-road is essential to get through tough spots or correcting reactions.

8 - Correct Tires - Research the trail you’re going on and use the right tires for the job. Sand and rock tires are different than mud tires.

9 - Let the Air Out - Reducing the amount of air in your tires provides more tread to road surface contact where you’re driving. Might be necessary for mud and usually always for sand.

10 - Walk It In - If you think there are deep water or mud holes, get out and walk the trail before driving your ride through.

11 - Take Your Standard Equipment - A Shovel, tow rope and hammer are essential pieces of equipment that can help you out of a tough spot.

12 - Prepare Your Vehicle - Check your cooling system level, the engine oil level, battery, interior storage, and of course plenty of fuel before heading out. 

13 - Thumbs Out - If a tree stump or lump in the ground catches you, you’ll be happy your thumbs are on the outside of your steering wheel when it spins around. 

14 - Drive Down - Always drive straight down slopes. Do not go at an angle or try to coast. It could lead to overturning.

15 - Crossing Streams - Only cross at designated points on streams. You will not impress anyone if you ruin your 4x4 and it could be quite embarrassing not to mention expensive.

16 - Learn the Course - Get maps and study what trails you will be going on. Make a plan of what you will do and find out if there are any closures.  Surprises are not fun while off-roading.

17 - Pack it Out, Pack it In - Do not leave your trash on the trails. Protect the landscape that everyone loves to use.

18 - Worse Case Scenario - If something bad does happen on your off-roading adventures, you’ll be happy to be prepared. First aids kits, warm clothes, food, water and a fire extinguisher are helpful items you won’t regret having with you.

19 - Check Your Brakes - Dry out your brakes after going through deep mud or water. Simply apply your brake pedal lightly for a short distance to keep them fully operational.

20 - Prepare for your next off-roading trip with expert assistance from all of us at Bullhide 4x4. Bullhide 4x4 can even help with any post trip or wheeling inspections to make sure your 4x4 can handle the trail over and over again.