Date: 7/11/2016

It’s time to get out and hit these paradises with your Jeep before the summer is over. There’s no particular order of our 4x4 trail bucket list, so pick and choose which ones you think you owe yourself (all of them).

Moab, Utah

Moab is a Jeep owner and off roader mecca. With hundreds of backcountry trails including “Hell’s Revenge” and “Cliff Hanger”, the beautiful scenery, ledges, descents and obstacles to be found will not disappoint you.

21 Road, Mesa County, Colorado

Near Grand Junction, 21 Road starts on pavement and becomes more difficult the deeper you get into the trail. Full of rocks to climb over and narrow passes to squeeze through, this trail is one to remember with obstacle names like “Monster,” “Carnage Corner” and “Jeep Lane.”

T-33A Plane Crash, Roosevelt National Forest, Boulder County, Colorado

This trail gets you within 250 yards of a plane crash site that happened on July 27, 1965. You’ll have to park and take a footpath to get to the site if you want to see it all. Remember to be respectful and not move or remove anything. Take part of Bunce School Road and part of Park Creek to get to the trailhead that’ll start with a steady climb.

Crystal City, Gunnison County, Colorado

Near Marble, Colorado is a bumpy trail that leads to one of the most photographed places in Colorado, the Crystal Powerhouse. You’ll start at Beaver Lake and get onto a dirt road to get to the powerhouse.

Poison Springs Canyon, Garfield County, Utah

Poison Springs Canyon is largely an easy dirt road to drive on. The best parts are the two obstacles to get through, first is crossing the Dirty Devil River and second is dipping down into a ravine in Bypastastic. It’s a long, scenic route you won’t forget. 

Wagon Wheel Trail System, Rio Blanco County, Colorado

Travel to Meeker to find 250 miles of trail in the Wagon Wheel Trail System. This is a must-hit place with all of the loops from beginner to expert off roader.

Broken Arrow, Coconino County, Arizona

You do not want to miss “The Steps,” a chain of sharp, narrow rock ledges you come down. Enjoy being surrounded by ravishing red rock and exciting obstacles full of great photo moments. 

Chivo Falls, Pima County, Arizona

How could you want to miss a trail that leads you to a waterfall? This year-round trail has a few obstacles and gets more difficult the closer you get to the waterfall.

Central City/Saint Marys Network, Colorado

North of Idaho Springs is a large network of trails featuring high elevation mountain fun. Great areas to explore are Saint Mary’s Glacier and Chinns Lake and good climbs at Yankee Hill and Kingston Peak.

Slaughterhouse Gulch, Park County, Colorado

If you’re looking for a good winter trail, Slaughterhouse Gulch might be for you. Some roads are narrow and the trees can get tight at times, but the mud pits are full of messy fun. 

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