Nemesis Industries


Our founding premise is that we want to bring affordable and innovative solutions to the market. We decided it was best to create two distinct product lines to satisfy the needs of the market. The first product line we launched was Kratos’ Armory. These products are designed to bring quality, affordable industry standard offerings to market. To lower cost we focused on manufacturing efficiencies and providing the customer with a DIY option. Our second product line is Forged Gear. This line is focused on creating innovative products that will push our segment of the off-road market forward. Our feeling is that over the last several years the passion and innovation that created this market segment has diminished. There are a few companies and individuals out there that are doing some incredible work; however, the industry as a whole continues to push the same old products. We intend to harness the power of innovation and inject new life into the off-road armor market. While focusing on the Wrangler market, primarily, building a far superior product for these vehicles was a must and a demand. Taking the JK market by storm led to becoming cutting edge with new products to meet the needs of Wrangler owners.