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The Countdown is on for 2018 Easter Jeep Safari

Hosted by Red Rock 4- Wheelers, Inc., a local wheel drive club in Moab, Utah. The event is a nine-day long 4x4 trail adventure in Moab beginning Saturday, March 24- Sunday, April 1, 2018. more...

So What Exactly is this Stuff They are Dumping on the Roads?

Winter is here and with that comes the sightings of municipal trucks spraying some unknown substance all over the roads and sidewalks. If you have ever wondered, “What the heck is this stuff more...

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Winching 101 Class

We would like to thank everyone that joined us for our 2nd Winching 101 class including Jim and Dan from the Mountaineers. Also, we would like to thank COMEUP and Warn for supplying gloves and literature for the classes. We will start the classes back up in the spring when the trails reopen. Look for information on when the next class will be.

Check out this video of Aaron Spaldings 2000 Jeep Wrangler running a stock 4.0L engine with a factory transmission on 43's with 5:13 gears, this past November at our Winching 101 class. Aaron's Jeep has coil overs all the way around and is stretched to 113" for better stability.

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